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Harry Prewitt

The Path beyond Success in Entrepreneurship

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The entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world is booming, primarily because most people are taking an interest in their respective fields. In today’s world, the conventional structure of jobs and retirement no longer seems fitting. Our priorities and needs have involved, and this is why we are required to do more than just what is expected of us.

Going to college, acquiring a degree, and getting a job is the safest thing to do in order to sustain a living. However, it is also a prospect that confines us to a particular dimension, and there is hardly an escape from it. The baby boomer generation could pull off such a lifestyle model, and it would make sense for them. However, in 2019, it is hardly ever recommended for people to get onboard the mainstream corporate spectrum where you have to show up at nine and leave by five. In fact, it is strongly sighted that generation Z would make up a significant chunk of entrepreneurs in the future.

With that being said, it is essential to understand different phases of entrepreneurship. In the beginning, an aspiring professional has to put in a heap of effort, make tremendous sacrifices and realign his or her priorities in order to manage everything properly. Such professionals are also required to remain resilient in the face of rejection and failure. Apart from that, they need to have a broader scope in their minds, learning from every step of the way. Meanwhile, every entrepreneur needs to have a strong quotient of diligence, commitment, and self-motivation in order to survive and thrive.

Once they build something that could win a lucrative investment, entrepreneurs are required to put forth a greater effort to escalate to the further stages. It means that they would be consumed by their career totally and would have to spare more time making sure that the business survives and sustains, especially the initial few years of operations. When survival is achieved, then they are met with another challenge, and that is profitability. Your investors will be knocking your doors for their projected returns, and if you fail to deliver them within the respective time frame, they may pull the plug on your venture.

Moving on, entrepreneurs also aspires to expand their roles profoundly in pursuit of greater ambitions and higher milestones. Most entrepreneurs like to serve the people and bring a positive change in the world by expanding their influence beyond the scope of the products and services that they have built. They like to indulge in different pursuits in order to do so. Many of them write books, host TV shows, deliver podcasts, and take part in CSR, etc. to share their knowledge, experience, and resources. A prominent example remains Richard E. Shaw as known as Rich Shaw, who still is a credible entrepreneur, author, life coach, motivational speaker, and inventor.

Rich has shared his knowledge and expertise with a greater audience by writing some of the best-selling books, including “Without a Roadmap”, “Destiny by Design”, “Habits of the Highly Effective Entrepreneur”, “Beyond the Limits”, “Trapped Behind an Open Door”, and “The Woman that I Love Killed the Woman I Used Love”. He is also a motivator and a globally recognized public speaker who ensures that true talent surfaces itself instead of hiding behind the veils of demotivation. Just like Rich, many successful entrepreneurs believe in the prospect of creating resources that remain relevant and ever-green to also benefit generations to come.

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