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Top 3 Prominent Teens You Should Be Following Right Now

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The world is consistently moving at a fast pace, and it stops for absolutely nobody at any given point in time. This is only a matter of fact, which also places emphasis on the fact that every human being should make the most out of their lives when they can. To stay relevant and to ensure that they make a name for themselves, people normally do all sorts of outrageous things. This can include starring in shows that involve pranking people – just to get the hits and views – while others may actually utilize their talent to do things that help them leave a mark in the lives of their viewers, listeners and admirers.

However, it is understood that the names that were once on top of every chart of every category available are no longer the same. People are consistently in search of newer forms of entertainment or newer entertainers to cater to the relevant age groups. The younger generation of today, however, moves a lot faster and leaves no room for procrastination. This is just one of the many reasons why the teenagers today are influential, prominent, and definitely worth following. Here are the top three prominent teens that you should be following right now:

1. Paris Aspen Arin

Pianist, singer, songwriter as well as the author of children's books, the teenager Paris Aspen Arin has taken the world by storm. In addition to the aforementioned titles, Paris is also known to be a product designer. The extremely talented artist was born in 2004 and although that seems like somewhat a decade ago, Paris has ensured that she stays true to her talent. According to her website, the young teenager knew how to read music before she even knew how to read or write. Now, if that is not talent, we do not know what is! Paris also has over 70k followers on her Instagram account.

2. Evita Nu

Evita Nu is a teenager and she is a style blogger. Many people are rather amazed when they hear about a girl as young as 15 posing as a style blogger, but at the same time, the generation is moving fast and it is not very surprising after all. Evita Nu is one of the many teenagers who is exceptionally stylish. What differentiates her from the rest is that she takes to her social media platform to help others be just as stylish. Not only is the young teen successful at what she does, she is also humbly appreciated.

3. Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings is truly one in a million. At the mere age of 15, Jennings is a self-proclaimed transgender activist who has been highly outspoken about her experiences. Not only has she repeatedly told the world about her experiences, which are often times horrible, but she has also used her voice and her own platform to help other transgender activists speak out and be heard.

These teenagers have come a long way at such a young age, but there is no doubt that they have a much longer way to go.

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